Why to play free casino slots?

Many people believe that if the game in online casinos is not conducted with real money, then there is no excitement. But this is a completely wrong opinion so we will determine the concepts at the beginning: free casino slots have absolutely no difference from the paid ones – they are the same thing, where you can also make bets, it’s just an online casino provides an opportunity for a player to play a free game.

In addition to this advantage, it is worth noting one more thing: in the free versions, the leading online casinos offer their customers to try out new, still unknown slot machines. For objective reasons, such a service cannot be provided by traditional casinos: even their most spacious halls are not infinite, and each of the slots installed there, must be profitable.

Every visitor, regardless of whether he makes real bets or not, increases the popularity of online casinos. It would also be a mistake to think that gamblers, who have turned the game for money into a profitable hobby, do not use free slots. It is the experienced casino customers who are the first to turn to the demo versions of slot machines in order to understand how this or that new developer product works.

The most interesting and new slots are often very different from the classic game simulators. In them,  combinations of characters have a different meaning, the functions of the usual buttons can be fundamentally different, and bonus rounds can be multi-step and diverse. Any serious player will not risk betting on real money in order to learn unknown functions during the game.

It is much more convenient and safer to carry out a “crash test” in the free mode: you can do any number of spins and play until you understand all the nuances. Someone may argue: the amount of free currency provided for a game is usually limited, so what endless backs are we talking about if the bets will end sooner or later? When the ‘conditional currency’ for bids is over, reloading the page is enough to renew a free game. Since registration is not necessary for the game, the visitor will again receive the initial capital in full.

What is Slot Game?

Despite the fact that the first slots were released in the nineteenth century, they are still considered as the youngest gambling games. At that time, they were primitive mechanisms, and today they are equipped with the most sophisticated and modern computer programs.

Any slot machine can be found not only in a real casino but also in an online institution where they are called ‘Emulators’. This is especially convenient in the case when the players prefer one special favorite game for a long time, despite the released new versions.

The slots history’s beginning was approximately one hundred years ago or even more. The German inventor Charles Fay, who initially lived in the US, was named the father of slots for the reason. But before becoming famous all over the world, twenty-year-old Charles received a terrible sentence from doctors. He learned that he was sick with tuberculosis and he had no more than a year to live. But these predictions did not come true. Charles Fay had lived for long years and had been able to become a real legend in the abovementioned business.

The Liberty Bell, which is his first creation among slot machines, was created in 1887 and had only 3 reels and 20 different gambling symbols, including card covers, horseshoes, bells, and stars. They used to form various playing combinations. The gaming machine took five-cent coins. These gambling slot machines immediately became popular with a wide range of users and had a stunning success, which led to the mass production of these slot machines.

The success of Charles Fairy lay in his abilities. He was a great engineer and a great merchant. The German immigrant not only created a gaming machine and organized its mass production but also leased them, receiving 50% of their profits. Quite a few major manufacturers of equipment for gambling establishments made profitable offers to the merchant, which he always refused. Charles not only did not sell his slot machines but did not conclude a single agreement that would guarantee the right to release gaming machines.

It is worth mentioning another important well-known fact from the history of developing the business of gambling: in 1891, the company called ‘Sittman and Pitt’ developed their version of the gambling machine, the basis of which were poker combinations. Many gambling lovers consider this particular slot machine the first. Free casino slots with progressive slots are currently offered at over 2,000 online casino sites.

How Modern Free Online Slots Work?

Modern free casino slots are significantly different from the old models primarily in the principle of operation. There is a screen on which the result and the buttons are displayed. A computer chip is installed in modern machines. When you press a button, it activates a random number generator. The resulting combinations will be the result of the game. And whether the player wins or not depends on them. There is an erroneous opinion that the automats are pre-programmed to show the players only “loss”. In fact, this is not the case at all. The device works in such a way so to show a certain number of winning combinations in different games.

It is also wrong to assume that you can somehow “deceive” the machine and increase the likelihood of winning. This is also the case with the online slot machines that are now common. Another important feature of modern machines is the payout percentage. The payout percentage is the percentage of money spent on the game relatively to the total winnings. The percentage of wins in modern devices is not more than 96%. Thus, the money cannot be returned in full but only 82-96% of it will return. Therefore, the casino receives a benefit from each slot machine – from 4% to 18%.

The casino game mode is not made tough because any gambling establishment must remain competitive. Therefore, in each casino, there are rules governing the accrual of interest. It remains small in most casinos: the rules specify the minimum requirements that an institution must meet.

What is Payline?

On the classic three-reel free casino slots, tables were usually located in the front of the machine, above and below the reels, and showed possible prize combinations. In modern slots, there can even be 50 lines, and the player can bet on all lines. Prize lines can be placed horizontally, vertically, diagonally and even as zigzags.

There can be bonus (“wild”) symbols on the reels that can be used in combinations even if they are not listed in the table. Prize lines are lines crossing the symbols or combinations of symbols on each reel that bring money to the player if the player puts on a certain line. A minimum of two characters in a row are required for a winning combination in a case when one of them is at the beginning of the prize line.

Image: Paylines in Fat Rabbit slot

The main recommendation is to study the payout tables and choose on their basis the machines with the maximum payouts. We also recommend choosing machines with maximum payouts for the simplest combinations.

The experience of playing slots can be negative if a player does not pay enough attention to the pay table, since it shows the rules and features of a separate machine, because, with the development of a system of bonuses and rewards, it is important to choose the slot machine that suits you best.

How many reels can be in slot game?

Free casino slots exist literally in thousands of great slot machines designed to kill the time and sometimes, get a decent win. Some slot machines are very easy to play, while others contain very complex bonus games and bonus rounds.

Traditional slots are the games with reels spinning on the screen. There may be several reels. The first machines, which were set at the beginning of the last century, had three reels. Now some slots in any casino have more of them – up to 5, rarely, more. Suppose a gaming machine has three reels each with fifteen different symbols printed on them. This means that such a machine has 3375 possible combinations, and creates 1 chance to 3375 to win the jackpot.

What is Random Number Generator?

The free casino slots operation is monitored by a random number generator (RNG), which is a complex device or program code that uses the MD5 algorithm. Nowadays two basic RNG types are used: hardware generators of real random numbers and a pseudo-random number generator.

RNG connects to the USB port of the server of the casino in most cases. RNG works on the basis of generating random numbers with the use of difficult-to-calculate values taking them as a starting point.

A pseudo-RNG, in the opposite, is a software code that uses mathematical algorithms of a specific order laid down by the developer. Manufacturers create their own software algorithms that simulate the actual operation of the roulette reel. For they may be far from ideal, they are trying to approach it, though.

Predicting the sequence and the result is extremely difficult. This generation mechanism is used mainly in online casinos.

What is Wild Card?

Image: Wildcard in Under the sea slot

Free casino slots consist of certain functions, gameplay, and the most important attribute – characters. These are pictures with images that correspond to the theme of the slot. For example, in the slot “Under the Sea” with a sea theme, the symbols depict pearls and fish. These pictures are presented on each cell of the reel. Each machine has special characters. They are usually brighter and more colorful. Most often, they clarify the main theme of the slot. Every player should know them. These are the two main characters – Scatter and Wild. They are able to replace symbols, multiply winnings, and much more.

The essence of the Wild symbol is to replace any other on the reel. It is used to make winning combinations. For example, a player has two characters and lacks one to make a complete combination. Also, Wild can fall out in bonus games, and not just in the main ones. In some machines, Wild often falls when free spins are active.

Different slots have their own terms and conditions. In some, Wild falls only on certain lines. According to this, before the game, it is better to get acquainted with the rules for a successful gameplay. Features and benefits of the wild symbol are:

  • Can replace other images to create a combination
  • May make other characters wild
  • May fall in a whole reel, etc.

The big plus of such special character is that it always replaces the higher paid pictures. For example, in a fruit-themed gaming machine, there are lemons and cherries. Lemons multiply your winnings by a factor of three and cherries by five. Two cherries and two lemons fell on the reels in a row. The wild symbol will replace the image with a cherry to create a combination for fivefold multiplication.

What is Scatter Symbol?

Image: Scatter symbol in Golden Fishtank slot


Free casino slots have no less interesting symbol – Scatter. This explosive symbol is not for nothing called the “Scatter Symbol”, because the bonuses it brings can be various. To get them, you need to build a combination of three identical scatters. It can run free spins or activate the bonus game. Especially nice free spins can be got in the game for money.

They multiply the win by a certain amount. It can also bring a gain, even without being on the active line.

Such a symbol is in almost every game. For example, you can see it in the Golden Fishtank slot – it helps make the game even more interesting and exciting, as well as profitable for the player.

What are Multipliers?

Image: Ticket To The Stars Multiplier

Gaming in an online casino involves the use of various additional options, especially free casino slots. The multiplier is a special symbol that multiplies winning combinations by a certain coefficient. This is a familiar prize option along with the action of Wild and Scatter and free spins. A multiplier game is offered in many slots. It is usually activated automatically, depending on the type of the game. It may have its own characteristics. ‘Ticket to the Stars’ is a great example of a slot with a nice multiplier. Calculating the payment in machines can be simpler, that is, the payment for the most highly paid sign multiplied by the number of positions and then by three. Don’t forget to consider the likely multipliers of the Wilds.

How Free Spins Work?

Choosing a casino for registration, newcomers are faced with the fact that they offer free spins as a welcome bonus.

With the help of free spins, everyone has the opportunity to play without using real money. Often, free spins affect only popular video slots and getting them to play roulette or blackjack is much more difficult. But if you carefully search in the current offers of popular gambling houses, you can find good options even for poorly adapted games.

According to the classification, free spins fall into the category of ‘no deposit bonuses’. Their main advantage is the ability to refuse to pre-replenish personal balance. Even a zero on the account will not become an obstacle if free spins have been accrued, for example, for registration without a deposit.

Despite the popularity of this method of attracting customers, this kind of privilege can be issued to regular visitors. A great game for familiarization with free casino slots is ‘Ticket to the Stars’.

Image: Ticket to the Stars

What is Bonus Feature?

Many developers of free casino slots provide in their slot machines the opportunity to make not only basic but also additional bets that activate various bonus functions. As a rule, this option allows you to significantly increase the theoretical return of the video slot, so it makes sense to always use it. But sometimes it is nothing more than a publicity stunt designed to captivate the user and force him to stake larger amounts.

Please note that some types of additional bets are branded and are available in several models at once. Others are found in single video slots and do not even have a unique name.

Xtra Win from Playtech

This feature is available on models like Playtech's Wings of Gold or Dolphin’s Cash. If you use the Xtra Win bonus bet, you will have to put fifty percent more credits on the line. In this case, the payout rates for the usual combinations will remain the same.

NextBen Gaming SuperBet

This kind of extra bets can be found in NextGen Gaming slot machines for quite some time. Examples include popular names such as Foxin’ Wins Again or A While on the Nile. Usually, it is also associated with the Wild symbol. By activating a bet, you will get more expanding wild pictures, as well as additional factors that will take part in the formation of combinations.

Please note that the features of the rules for this option are somewhat different in individual models, so carefully study the reference section before starting the game. For example, in some slots, it gives the right to use free spins.

It is impossible to mention all the doable options but you can explore some of the slots yourself – for example, Peking Luck.

Image: Peking Luck Slot

How Autospin Feature Works?

Autospin is an automatic game in which you don’t need to press the “spin” button yourself. Since the principle of autospin in different free casino slots is the same, it is better to produce conditional division of them into types according to the presence of original parameters. So, autoplay in slots can be:

  • Completely devoid of additional options and continuing until canceled by the player
  • With the ability to control the number of rotations
  • Taking into account bonuses, as well as financial and time limits.

The automatic game mode is one of the most common functions in online slot machines. The overwhelming majority of the models of practically all known brands make it possible not to press the start button in each round. Instead, you can choose a bet, specify the number of lines, determine the number of launches, make additional settings – and then just watch what is happening on the screen.

What is slot game volatility?

In gambling, you can often meet such a thing as volatility. Volatility is the level of risk in the game. It is responsible for the qualitative and quantitative indicators of winnings in slots, that is, it shows the frequency and size of cash prizes to players. In total, there are 3 types of volatility in free casino slots.

  1. Highly volatile slots are characterized by a high level of risk. This means that they rarely give out winning combinations but their sum is quite substantial. As a rule, people who have enough time, patience and an impressive bankroll prefer to play such machines to wait for a big win.
  2. Middle slots are characterized by an average amount of risk and are very popular among gamblers. Such games are suitable for those who do not have a large bankroll and at the same time prefer not to sit without gains, albeit small ones.
  3. Low volatility slots are distinguished by a large number of small winning combinations. That is, such games have a low level of risk. They will suit gamblers who do not chase after big jackpots but like frequent small payouts and minimum bids.

Are Casino Slots Fair?

Gambling is a good way to relax and spend time with benefits. However, many visitors of online casinos decide to play only free games or test slot machines. Many people fear to deposit money because of the risk of being deceived. We hasten to reassure those who are afraid of deception.

Suppose you like the site of an online casino – beautiful graphics, a wide selection of free casino slots, a lot of bonus programs, a clear menu for navigating the site. To get started, study all the information on games and bonuses, which is available on the casino pages, including the data about the license.

The same verification procedure can be done on several sites of online casinos, because each site offers its own bonus programs and its own game conditions. Compare the results of your honesty checks and stay constantly on the site that will suit your interests and hopes more. When doing gambling, try to improve your skills. Mastery is practice plus theory. Do not be lazy to learn the strategies of gambling, try to apply each of the strategies in practice. A proven strategy, judging by the experience of the best players, always leads to success. After you learn how to make good money on the game, try to withdraw a larger amount. And if the withdrawal was successful on the first time, then you will also be able to withdraw a large amount without problems in the future.

What is Return to Player Rate?

First of all, RTP tells you about how much money from all the bets in not free casino slots or other casino game will be returned to the gambler within a certain period of time. Each slot has its own RTP protocol, so casinos often derive a single average value based on the percentage of returns of all the games available in the online casino range.

Note that RTP should not be taken too literally. What do we want to say with this? You have to understand that there will always be random winnings of huge sizes, such as mega jackpot, long series of victories and so on.

What is Classic Slot?

In the mass of online free casino slots of the global network, there are now many models of classic game simulators, different in structural characteristics.

Classical devices have a small number of reels (usually three). The same number determines the maximum prize symbols. The game emulators of our time are five-reel, and the greatest gains in them fall out of the coincidence of five pictures. Naturally, such a sequence is harder to achieve than a series of three pictures, which is why jackpots on the “classics” are more frequent.

In other words, in theory, it is believed that the classic slots are more profitable, although other indicative characteristics of “one-armed bandits” also influence the correctness of the conclusions.

Another important characteristic of gaming devices is the gaming lines & their number. Classic simulators, in contrast to modern multi linear, can boast with only 5 bands of the formation of prize chains. A perfect combination of three reels & five lines provides a profitable game.

Classic slot machines take part in the game by five lines automatically, you do not need to put anything on purpose wasting time. They often give out prize combinations without flexible settings, providing their adherents with high-yield stability – for example, like ‘Joker’s Jewels’ machine.

Image: Jockers Jevels Slot

What is Video Slot?

Video slots are gambling slot machines – they can also be free casino slots. If a regular gaming machine with a lever start has three reels and five lines, then video slots have up to five reels and up to two hundred and fifty lines for playing! It’s the twenty-first century; technology develops so that games use the Internet and computer technology. Video slots present a wider range of possibilities to the player than ordinary slot machines, for example, bonus rounds, bonus games, different symbols (“wild”, “scatter”), etc. Another advantage of the game is the cumulative jackpots. To win the jackpot, the player must catch the highest hand at the highest bet. However, playing online, you are at much lower risk than when playing in a real casino. Perhaps over time, you will come there but now you can calmly study the types and rules of various gambling games, honing your skills in building successful and profitable combinations, receiving the same portion of adrenaline.

In addition, you can play online not alone but in the company of your friends. Having organized a connection with friends, you can reveal (if you want) the secrets of your gaming success, and when you gather at one screen, you will also feel the energetic support of each other! Online games can give a start to your virtual gaming life and who knows, maybe it will become real one time! We advise you to try ‘Second Strike’ video slot.

Image: Second Strike Slot

What is Jackpot and how it works in video slots?

According to statistics, free casino slots occupy the leading position in the list of the most popular online gambling games on the Internet. Players are attracted by the simplicity of the gameplay, fascinating scenes, the ability to make small bets and dynamics. But there is one more important motivation: in the slots, you can win huge money quickly and simply.

The maximum win is called the jackpot. Its prize fund in slot machines is formed at the expense of all bets made by players.

The progressive jackpot is also called cumulative. Today it is most popular in modern online casinos. A progressive jackpot is a prize pool where a certain percentage of the bet amount goes. And it directly depends on the number of spins.

Progressive jackpot slots accumulate prize money from each bet. Therefore, on the Internet, where the number of players is counted in millions, huge prizes are recruited. If the user on the gaming machine gets a winning combination – it breaks the jackpot. If none of the players has such a combination – the prize fund is not played but only increases.

The accumulative jackpot is replenished from all bets, regardless of their size. Thus, the more users play progressive jackpot games, spinning the reels in the slot, the greater reward awaits the lucky winner when a winning combination occurs. The good example of a slot with jackpot is ‘Wolf Gold’ – try it!

Image: Wolf Gold Slot

What is 3D Slot?

Today, online casinos are increasingly filled with free casino slots with high-quality graphics and three-dimensional technology. Playing these machines is a pleasure. Colorful game characters seem to come alive on your screen, completely immersing you into the plot of the game or the created gambling atmosphere. Other game modes are also filled with special vividness and dynamics.

3D slot machines are a new word in online gambling. In fact, every second modern ‘gaminator’ fits this definition. Thanks to this, gamblers can now try completely new virtual devices, impressive beautiful design, unusual options and, of course, huge prizes. Such devices are difficult to distinguish from the best computer games. People accustomed to land-based casinos do not feel comfortable in this virtual variety; they deliberately choose obsolete models.

In fact, there are certain advantages both in modern devices and in old slots, and each player should consider them in detail before launching a new game. Of course, the slot machines are impressive in their quality design, they are able to surprise their customers with outlandish options, they honestly do their job and regularly enrich the lucky guests. This approach is very popular with those who want to have fun profitably and do not want to be distracted by extraneous functions and the numerous bonus rounds that every modern slot abounds in today. ‘Turning Totems’ is a good example of modern 3D slot – try it to get a closer look at these slots.

Image: Turning Totems Slot


What is Progressive Slot?

Progressive slot machines are distinguished by the presence of a jackpot, which grows constantly after each bet made. A certain part of the invested money goes to the formation of the main prize but it’s only for one of the players.

Finding out that the slot has a progressive jackpot is not difficult. Usually, these slot machines have a special window at the top or bottom, which reflects the amount of the jackpot at the moment. After making a few spins, you can see that the amount changes. So it gradually grows, and the lucky one who manages to collect the necessary combination of symbols, wins it.

In some free casino slots, there are several types of progressive jackpots, or one but multi-level.

The advantages of progressive slots:

  • Fascinating and rich story
  • Opportunity to win a large sum
  • The intrigue and feeling of excitement is preserved until the last spin
  • The prize amount can be calculated in dollars and other currencies
  • Progressive slots are available in the demo version for study.

Disadvantages of progressive slot machines:

  • The budget for playing such slots should be of considerable size, you should not expect to win making only minimum bets
  • The return percentage in such machines is somewhat reduced, as the machine part of the rates refers to the jackpot
  • The loss in such slot machines is perceived by the players especially sharply.

Be sure to play the selected slot for free using the demo mode. After that, you will be able to use the machine freer, and the chances of winning can increase. Remember, if you correctly calculate your budget, you can achieve victory very quickly! Do you want to play an impressive one and chance your luck? Choose ‘Mega Moolah’ – you’ll like it!

Image: Mega Moolah slot